Ashtamudi Lake mangroves, Kerala, India

Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI)

Since August 2019 three mangrove trees (Avicennia marina L.) from the mangrove forest of Ashtamudi lake, Kerala, Southwest coast of India with height ranging from 7-9 m are being monitored. These trees are a part of the longterm monitoring plots set up by the Tropical Ecology lab at the Forest Ecology Department, Kerala Forest Research Institute - Peechi, Kerala, India. Information from the trees is gathered using two plant sensors, a sap flow sensor (developed at the Laboratory of Plant Ecology) and a dendrometer (Natkon). Meteorological data is available through a local mini weather data logger maintained in the plot.


Tree Location

The satellite image below shows the location of the Ashtamudi Lake mangroves where the trees are being monitored.