, Tree Water and Carbon monitoring Network, aims to become a unique tool to show hydraulic functioning and growth of trees in real-time. This information offers a list of possibilities not only for scientific research and current monitoring networks, but also for education and raising awareness on climate change.

Unknown prof. dr. ir. Kathy Steppe \ +32 9 264 61 12
Research interests
• Interactions between plants and their environments (ecophysiology)
• Plant monitoring and stress detection with plant sensors
• Plant modelling, parameter estimation and model uncertainty

Unknown ir. Jonas von der Crone \ +32 9 264 61 14
Research interests
• Tree monitoring under forest conditions
• Environmental plant physiology
• Plant sensors and modeling

Unknown dr. ir. Dirk De Pauw \ +32 486 80 82 50
Research interests
• Modeling and simulating of biological systems
• Quality software and sensor development
• Plant science and horticulture/agriculture communities

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