In the context of a Collen-Francqui Chair invitation of the Université catholique de Louvain to prof. Steppe a new tree was added to the TreeWatch network. Since March 2024 a linden tree (Tilia cordata Mill.) standing on the side of the UCLouvain Faculty of Bioengineering, with a height of approximately 18 m and a diameter of 44 cm, is being monitored. Information from the tree is gathered using two plant sensors, one sap flow sensor and one point dendrometer. Meteorological data is available through a local RMI weather station.


Linden (Tilia cordata Mill.)

Linden is a native species in Belgium, with an Eurasian distribution and a continental tendency. The genus regularly forms pure stands in eastern Europe, but in the west it occurs scattered in populations, mixed with other species. It can reach heights of up to 25-35 m and an age of 500 years. Leaves emerge from April to late June, and flowers from mid-June till mid-July. Linden has a good tolerance to heat and drought, allowing the valorization of restrictive environments (superficial and/or very stony soils, southern slopes, etc.). This species has a very powerful rooting and is recommended for the protection of floors on strong slopes. It is a shade-tolerant species but reacts well when put into light. Linden has a great future potential in the context of climate change.

Tree location

The monitored tree is located near the UCLouvain Faculty of Bioengineering and the Earth and Life Institute (de Serres building), on a corner of the Parking du Sud. The satellite image below shows the exact location of the monitored tree.